June 2019

June 19, 2019

Love is in the air and with this season of renewal so to is there a renewal in trends that set the standards for Weddings in the coming months. Food is no exception to this rebirth bringing a more personalized and reinvigorated sense of creativity to your palette and means of serving. Whether you are working with a venue or bringing outside catering ask about trying some of these hot new alternatives.

Serving Styles

The way you’re served changes based on budget but also trend. As the world becomes even more fast passed and most of our lives transfer to a digital format millennials and beyond are looking to events such as weddings to bring people together. Believe it or not the trend for 2019 is a serving style that is slightly formal but more conversational with tavern style table layouts and creative banquet set ups. These mixed settings allow for more mixing and mingling while still being true to the desires of the couple for a more upscale event.

Global Cuisine

The internet has expanded the world beyond just our own back doors and has brought an appreciation for foods outside our country as well. As more and more couples bring together families of intermixed faiths, nationalities and cultures so to are they paying tribute to their country of origin. Coupled are bringing together culinary traditions that not only extend the boundaries of traditional wedding food but give their guests a chance to experience something new.

Creative Desserts

Cakes aren’t the only think with drama this season as desserts of all kinds are also finding heir home in reception halls. Cheesecake, donuts, pies and more are replacing or working alongside the classic wedding cake giving guests options they’ve never been offered before. Not only are the desserts changing but they are being displayed in elaborate ways. Cake free standing on swings, donuts hung along large installed walls and much more. Look for creative and unique and creative dessert options this year.

Midnight Munchies

Offering guests snacks after the dinner has ended and the party extends into the night isn’t a new concept but its gaining momentum. Couples are finding small treats like mixed nuts and even pizzas to satisfy their guests through the evening. Comfort foods are becoming a later evening staple for coupes to mention to the caterers as the consult goes on.

Station Madness

While weddings have become all about personalization couples are passing this personalization off to guests by bringing food to their wedding in the form of bars or stations. These small set ups allow for guests to “build their own dish” personalizing along the way in a buffet sort of setting. Couples are opting for a variety of stations including tacos, salads, desserts and mixing in their cultural favorites from above.

Food can be a huge expense so going with all these trends at once may eat away at your budget quickly. Picking a single option and sharing this with your caterer to see if it is something they offer is a way to stay at the for front of the 2019 trends without spending even more.



June 12, 2019

Having an interfaith or diverse culture wedding can come with a handful of conflicts and confusions, but if it is what you wish as a couple, it is worth the struggle. A wedding planner, specifically one with a diverse and inclusive history is a great asset when joining two backgrounds into a joint and respectful event. However if you are choosing to go it alone there are a few things to remember that can help you down the aisle of nuptial unity.

Communication is important with a mixed culture and faith weddings. Connect to both sides of your soon to be family about the traditions you will be following and which you will not to create a unified wedding day.  In some cases this may lead to some hard conversations, but it is vital to stand your ground when it comes to your beliefs as a couple. Because of these disagreements its important to have this conversation early on.

Communication with vendors is also extremely important. Vendors do their best work with ideas and an image of the final product. If a vendor is not familiar with your cultural or religious needs this needs to be discussed beforehand. This is especially important when it comes to the ceremony location. Some facilities, particularly those with a religious background such as a church may need you to abide by certain religious restrictions or may have a problem with bringing a wedding of another faith into a place of worship.

Education is also important when it comes to joining to families. Cultural appropriation is a major issue in today's world and should be taken seriously, especially with close family ties and strong feelings. You do not want to be disrespectful to a partner’s culture or religion. The same rule applies to family and friends. Make sure all relatives and friends who will be joining this celebration will be respectful of a culture even if they don’t understand it. This respect for beliefs goes both ways. If someone does not want to attend or be a part of your wedding day do to differentiating opinions it is their choice to do so and should be respected.

Education can also be applied to those attending the wedding. While this is a day of celebration and unfortunately a lot of stress you shouldn’t feel it’s necessary to become a teacher of multicultural differences however providing a few tips along the way to create a hospitable and welcoming environment is the role of a good host. This isn’t always a hard thing to do, a simple clarification on a timeline is good enough to help guests be aware of what’s happening. As the night goes on you may have questions about the day’s events or your future marriage and you can kindly answer these so long as the individual is being respectful. You do not need to engage with disrespectful guests.

Respect is key from both partners as it is not easy uniting two days into one. If both you have a strong cultural background or faith that will just not work visually appealing together, devote the wedding service to one portion of your background and the reception to the other. This can help having a “mixed” by paying respect to both families and cultures without throwing out too much of either background. If you genuinely feel someone you may want to invite cannot be respectful of cultural differences at your wedding you do not need to feel obligated to invite them. And most importantly be respect to yourself. Stay true to who you are and who you are as a pair. Having a multicultural or multifaith background does not just stop at the wedding as you will be joining to lives. Be honest about your want and needs for your wedding day but be ready to compromise things that are not so important.

Keep an open minded, communicate, teach and be respectful. At the end of the event your wedding needs to make you and your partner happy as a couple; not every guest.

June 5, 2019

Some people don’t have much experience with flowers outside of valentine’s day and unfortunately funerals, so it makes sense that everyone’s knowledge isn’t the same. However, knowledge is key when it comes to making smart decisions and saving money when it comes to your wedding. The sort of flowers you choose according to the time of year can really affect your overall budget. As for colors that is always up to the couple’s preference. Though, there are some classic rules that still hold up today when it comes to picking the best colors for your wedding based on flowers.


If you are expecting a winter wonderland wedding you want to aim for a flower that is sturdier, calla lilies, daffodils and stephanotis are just a few. If your idea for your wedding is a spring fling aim for softer budding flowers similar to gerbera daisies, tulips and lily of the valleys. If a sizzling summer soiree is more your taste, you’ll need flowers that are strong enough to hold up against the summer heat; gardenias, lilies and poppies are a perfect choice. Maybe you are aiming for autumn. If that is the plan richly colored flowers including dahlias, hydrangeas and orchids will be the perfect touch to your big day.


And of course, there is the tried and true classic, the rose, which is available in a variety of colors both real and died that can match any palate and look good year-round.


Winter weddings look their best with deep and rich colors like navy, royal blue, maroon, apple red and emerald. If you add in a few pastel hues like white, light blue and soft pinks this will not only help reflect the sinter season but also help create a well-rounded color combination.

Spring is perfect for weddings especially when it comes to color. Flowers this time of year are usually softer in appearance and offer a variety of color options. Opt for pale yellow, lime green and sky blue for a delicate touch for the season. If it is getting towards the end of spring throw in a bright color for a small taste of summer.


Summer hues can seem like a free for all and very overwhelming. Sometimes it can be hard to work with colors that are so bold. If this is a look you want to go for try picking a color or two and adding in a pale color in both warm and cool tones to create a more grounded look. Turquoise, dove grey and coral hues are perfect for this time of year.

Autumn like winter call for richer hues alongside muted tones. Acting as a transition season Autumn also takes hot summer colors like oranges and yellows. Mixing these bold colors alongside autumn classics like muted pink, mauve, gold, and copper are a sure fire hit.

Color choices and flowers can be some of the most fun and unique parts of the wedding planning so don’t overwhelm yourself with the idea of perfection. Be true to your tastes and add in a little bit of modern trends and classic traditions for a look that is uniquely yours.


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