June 2018

June 25, 2018

Dressing for your Body Type: Wedding Dresses

by James Novotny

There is a reason there are numerous shows featuring the single act of choosing the right dress. Combining trends, personal tastes, pricing and what looks good on you when it comes to your wedding dress can be the biggest challenge of your wedding experience and one of the activities that usually takes the longest. To make your experience a little easier today we will be going over a handful of dress shapes that will suite your body type and hopefully help you narrow down the search for that perfect dress.


The body type with the most curve is usually the most obvious to notice. Someone with this body type has a smaller waist with wider hips and bust creating that long idolized “perfect figure”. The main idea behind choosing any dress for the hourglass shape is to find a cinched center that shows off your thin waist. 

If you have this body shape aim for a body fitting mermaid gown or fit-and-flared designs that will really show off your silhouette.

While this body shape can pull off many variations of dress silhouettes try to avoid an overabundance of ruffles and tiers as these will reshape your silhouette which is unnecessary.

Pear Shape

A pear shaped body is defined by hips larger than the waist or bust of one’s body. To flatter this shape try an A-line gown as it conceals fuller hips and draws your attention upward towards the bodice and face. Also opting with a dress with lace, bedazzled and detailed bodices gives more detail to the upper body which creates the illusion of a more proportioned figure.

Flowing gowns are great with this body type as well. With wider hips the fabric isn’t as gathered as it can be on smaller frames and allows the tulle or silk to drape better and gives the fabric more room to move creating that wafting effect while walking.

 Things to avoid with this body type are any dresses with a fitted bodice with a full skirt as this will only widen your hips and lower body.


An apple shape is characterized by someone who is wider in the midsection. For this body type try corseted bodices, not to slim your body but to create a more defined shape. Many women gravitate towards A-line dresses to cover themselves up. While this style is universal and does work try opting for more form and shape

Fitted does not mean tight and having a fitted waist on an apple body can be just as glamorous as a thin body. The apple shape is definitely something to play around with because depending on where your weight falls you can change the style of dress. Never cut yourself short by saying because of your size you can’t do this or that, try it anyway!

If fitted is not your thing try to avoid it. While dressing your shape is important feeling confident is far more important whether on your day-of or every day. Also pay attention to full ball gowns. While some styles can help your shape others may hinder your silquette depending where the waist falls on your body.

Inverted Triangle

   An inverted silquette is a shape with wider upper body and shoulders with a smaller waist and hips. Those with more of an inverted shape seem to feel they struggle the most finding dresses that accentuate their body. The key to this type is to pay attention to necklines. Off-the-shoulder or bateau necklines help draw the across the upper chest to help balance out the fuller bust or wider shoulders.

Try to find dress styles with built in corsetry for added support if you are buster. If your shape comes more from your shoulders try a natural or empire waist gown to the eye to your face or the length of the gown, focusing less on your shoulders.

Avoid trying to hide your body. Some woman feel they need to conceal their upper body if they are bustier or have wider shoulders but trying to do this often fails so work with what you have not against it. Stay away from fit-and-flared looks if and ball gowns if you are bustier.


The rectangle body is defined by slim shoulders, chest, waist and hips with little to no curve. The key to helping this body shape look its best is to add curves. Focus on gowns with fuller sleeves and shoulder detailing. Also go with A-lines and ballgowns to add more hip area. When combined fuller skirts are combined with more dramatic shoulders this look creates a thinner waistline. Sheath dresses are also a good option if you aren’t into reshaping your body with ruffles and tulle. Sheaths are more dramatic dresses that focus a lot less on curves.

This is another body type where necklines can play a drastic role. If you choose a halter top it can help lift creating cleavage and shape. Also opting for key-hole, scoop and sweat heart shapes with this rounded edges helps create the illusion of curve.

Try to stay away from sheaths and empire waist gowns as they focus on curves. If someone with a more rectangular body wears these garments there will be gaps where there shouldn’t be and forced curves unrealistic to their natural body.

A-line dresses are probably the most universally flattering looks. The style focuses on a natural waist and draws the eye to the bodice by having a more simplified skirt. All of these options are merely ideas to help you focus your search. Just like with the apple body type don’t cut yourself short and not try something because it doesn’t go by some rule you read about online. Try it anyway, everyone’s body is different and you may be surprised by how a certain silhouette looks on you. Confidence is more universally flattering then an A-line could ever hope to be.

All Dresses can be found on www.davidsbridal.com

June 25, 2018

Replicate the Royal Wedding

By James Novotny

Photography by Alexi Lubomirski

Royal weddings always seem to set the standard of weddings across the globe because of their luxurious imagery, old-world rules and political considerations guiding ceremonial options. The May nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has already sparked trends across the bridal industry for months to come, probably until the union of Princess Eugenie and Jack whose wedding is supposed to follow more formal English traditions. The following are just a handful of ideas to replicate the royal wedding on a less then royal budget.

Flowers by Furst Florist - Dayton, Ohio

The bouquet that Meghan's carried contained handpicked stems, by Harry that came from their royal garden at Kensington Palace. The couple chose Forget-Me-Nots, to honor the late Princess Diana of Wales (Harry’s mother). The arrangement also contained sweet peas, lily of the valley, jasmine and astrantia, and myrtle. Replicating this flower arrangement is simple! Meghan opted for a monochromatic look with creams and whites with stunning greenery. Try a mix of baby’s breath, roses, carnations in all white mixed with Italian ruscus to replicate this royal look on a budget! Furst Florist’s Southern Hospitality and Song of Gratitude arrangements add a hint of color to otherwise monochromatic look you desire.

Meghan Markle is down to Earth American actress. This was reflected in a much more casual affair. Casual as a royal wedding can be that is. Her everyday makeup look has always been simple, exposing her freckles which is uncommon in Hollywood. She took this casual look to her wedding day focusing mostly on her eyes. Staying true to Meghan’s makeup style is keeping foundation simple and concentrating on the eyes. Try the drastically blended-out smoky eye she went with. Despite the dramatic eye, the blended appearance makes it more casual. Since the eye is more casual try to make your eyebrow more defined to juxtapose the look. If you want a more dramatic look try a bold lip shade. Prince Harry also went more causal leaving subtle scruff for his day-of.

David’s Bridal, (CWG765)

With our need for instant information and constant connection to mass media, dress shops began replicating Meghan’s dress within hours. Meghan wore a long-sleeved, boat-necked Givenchy dress with a 16 feet veil embroidered with flowers each of which represented the different Commonwealth countries. Within hours of seeing the dress, shops around the UK began replication. Most of us can’t afford Givenchy but replicating Meghan’s look is simple! Try a modified A-line loose fitting dress. The princess went more conservative with her look which is customary of royals so going for a boat neck, queen Anne, or halter neckline will give you the traditional princess look. If you want something extra try adding more lace to the bodice of the gown for your day-of. Oleg Cassini’s off-the-shoulder lace A-line wedding dress (CWG765) and David's Bridal Collection long sleeve wedding dress with low back (WG3831), both sold at David’s Bridal offer a twist on Meghan’s conservative style with added lace.

Cake by The Cakey (Childer’s Photography) - Dayton, Ohio

Harry and Meghan broke the mold when it came to their cake. Royal weddings have featured fruitcakes for centuries, but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to opt for a lemon sponge cake drizzled with elderflower syrup and full with a tart lemon curd. The icing was Swiss meringue buttercream with an elderflower. Instead of having one giant tiered cake they opted for three separate layers which is a huge trend right now. To replicate this look try the deconstructed style, instead of a tiered cake go for multiple layers laid out on your desert table. Citrus flavors can go in either direction, tart or sweet depending on what you choose. Lemon, lime, and orange are classic flavors that can be combined with creamy icings for a good bite.

They say replication is the sincerest form of flattery and if we look at the royal couple’s choice in cakes we can tell even the royals consider trends for their wedding and reception. When replicating someone’s big day even British royals be sure to make it your own! While a dress may look great on someone else that doesn’t mean it will look good on your body type. Cake flavors and make up styles can be inspired but creating a signature look that is all about you will lead to your own unforgettable royal experience.





June 10, 2018

Must Have Photos

By James Novotny

Each couple has their own unique ideas for their wedding photography and all professional wedding photographers know what the wedding “must haves” are. Still when meeting with your photographer it is essential to go over what your needs are when it comes to the photographs you want taken. The following is a small list of the key parts of your wedding and reception that should discussed and captured.


The Rings

The moment you announced your engagement everyone wants to see the ring and every soon to be bride has mastered the art of flashing that rock for all to see in less then subtle ways so make sure you grab a few shots of the symbol of your bonds.


The Flowers

If you don’t opt for preservation of your bouquets they won’t keep their crisp appearance with beautiful hues and smells forever. While you may not be able to bottle that particular fragrance you can at least get a few pictures of your flowers before they begin to wilt.

The Venues Before

These photos can be a challenge as it requires your photographer to be in multiple places. While the photographer may be able to take photographs of the ceremony location, taking shots of the reception hall will be harder since they will be with you and won’t have time to capture the reception hall before the guests begin interacting with it. If pictures of the hall, unaltered is what you want discuss this with your photographer as they may have to call in back up who can cover those photos. 

The Vows

Probably the most important part of the wedding, the vows made to each other. In those few moments the word disappears around you as you promise yourself to your partner. Getting good photos of this moment is paramount. If you see nothing else make sure you know your photographer can capture the raw energy of this singular moment. And don’t forget the kiss! 

The Group Shots

The photos taken between the ceremony and the reception are usually the most staged. At this point your entire wedding party will be taken aside in full formal attire for photos. If all goes right, children behaving, no sweating and agreeable weather conditions the photos should be done fairly quickly so you can meet your guests as newlyweds.

The Venues During

The reception hall in particular will take on a whole new life when the party begins which is why it’s important to get before shots. During the reception family and friends will flood the facility and bringing the day into full motion. Pictures of the food, the dancing and of course the cake are vitally important.


The First Dance

There used to be a time when a couple’s first dance was in fact their first dance since unmarried woman and men wouldn’t dare touch in polite society. That time has gone so the first dance is rarely the first dance but still it holds a major significance in the bringing together of a couple because what is marriage but a lifelong dance.

There are many tips out there on budget and how to save  money when it comes to your wedding but photography is rarely the place you want to skimp. When the flowers have died, the cake is gone and the clothes have been returned photos and videos are the helpful reminders of one glorious day for the rest of your life.



June 4, 2018

Five Wedding Cake Trends in 2018

By James Novotny

Just like your dress takes center stage at your ceremony, your wedding cake will be a huge focal point at your reception. It is also one of the most interactive pieces at your wedding celebration as guests will be receiving a slice at some point during your event. While taste is top priority looks helps give that focal point a little something extra. Self-expression is dominating more contemporary weddings and cakes are no exception.


This beautifully elegant look is attained by blending together two hues of fondant until a unique colored twist is created and placed on the cake. While many choose gray and white to replicated real marble some go with bold colors against silver or gold geometrics to create and sophisticated 1920’s feel dessert. Another collection of color many couples are choosing to go with include lavender, violet and other shades of purples in honor of this year’s color of the year; Ultra Violet chosen by Pantone. These artistic marvels in marble make great alternatives for classic, artistic and contemporary style weddings.


Drips, splatters and imitation, oh my! Many industries in 2018 are being overwhelmed by the sudden interest in the arts which is both beautiful as it is eclectic. Using dripping textures and splattering effects with bold colors offers rides and grooms plenty of options for contemporary artistic expression. Those who prefer something less modern and “messy” can opt for beautifully hand painted imagery on the sides of fondant that could rival any museum gallery. Replication of classic paintings life Van Gogh’s Starry Night and many of Monet’s impressionist paintings are adding a whimsical and elegant touch to this year’s dessert table. These cakes can match any wedding style depending on the art style chosen but they work best with couples who love the arts and add a special touch to classic museum venues.


Photo by Paul Douda for Flour Power Cakery

There is just something about crystals, gems and anything shining that catching the eye and we become fascinated with it so it is no surprise that this faux crystal would find its way into wedding cakes as well. The trend started with Rachel Teufel whose amethyst inspired cake went viral and took the cake industry by storm. While most of these cakes are simple having the bold crystals take center stage some clients have opted to combine this trend with the previous marbled cake with a touch of gold-leaf. Due to the extra shimmer and shine these cakes are a perfect match to classic weddings with a little touch of something extra, Hollywood glamour affairs and over the top lux style weddings.


The “naked” cake trend had a staggering start as a wedding trend in 2013 but five years later it’s holding its own against its fondant and buttercream sibling. Naked cakes are usually cakes free of icing and can be topped with free fallen powdered sugar, sweet fruit or real edible flowers. If icing is offered it is usually placed between layers, not on the exterior of the cake. This cake style goes really well with rustic, vintage and boho style weddings due to its quirky yet sophisticated. This trend can also save you money due to the lower icing cost and due to the lack of a barrier requires bakers to make the cake closer to the day off providing you a fresher cake at a lower cost.


We can possibly blame the deconstructed wedding cake fad for this hot new trend in weddings. While deconstructed cakes called with individual tiers of the cake to be separated into their respective section on the desert table rather then stacked high offered one layer alternative deserts. Glamorous pies, frosted cheesecakes, glammed out tarts and even miniature versions of beloved cakes are replacing the traditional multitiered wedding cakes. This option can also be great for weddings where guest’s allergies and dietary restrictions are put into consideration. Diabetic friendly options, glutton free and vegan deserts can all be offered without fear of cross contamination that would occur on traditional wedding cake. Depending on displays and icing techniques this trend can find a home in a multitude of different weddings.

This next trend of wedding cakes or ‘not cake’ is all about self-identification, using art, design, nature and more to personalize everyone’s wedding experience into something unique and unforgettable. What wedding cake trend describes you?



June 4, 2018

5 Tips for Saving with your Floral Budget

By James Novotny

One of the easiest ways to save on your floral budget is to ditch the floral completely and go with a cost friendly alternative or replace all living flowers with beautiful silk alternatives. If neither of these options are your cup of tea here are seven tips to save your floral budget.

1. Transport your Floral

Many couples opt for having floral at their ceremony and their reception but this can almost double your price for the product plus delivery to two locations. Instead of ordering twice the flowers appoint someone to transfer the floral from your ceremony location to your reception. When picking your trusted deliverer make sure they are not apart of the bridal team. If you will be taking photos between your ceremony and reception you will need all your members with you at the time of the shoot. Don’t forget to reuse your bridal and bridesmaid’s flowers! If you are not choosing you have your flowers preserved continue the transferring by having someone pass your blooms onto a local nonprofit who could benefit from the beauty that will disappear by the time you come back from your honeymoon.

2. Choosing Flowers in Season

Always do your research and learn as much as you can before meeting with the professionals in the industry especially if you don’t know them personally. One area you should look into is seasonal blooms. Which flowers are easy to get based on where you are in the world? Just like deciding on your food, choosing flowers in season can save you a bundle by dropping transportation and delivery costs. This is not always the hardest way to save money either, usually if you are having a wedding in a particular season you are going to want florals that go with your surroundings based on the time of year.

3. Be Simplistic but Bold

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, less is more. In some cases this is very true. With new age minimalism not only does simplicity make a bold statement it can also save you a lot of money. There are two directions you can go with this cost saving option, sticking with minimal or go bold. Going minimal can be choosing simple colors or even limiting your flowers to one or two pieces per vase or per table and mixing them with a plethora of creative alternatives like feathers, picks and greenery. Choosing to go bold is opting for more expensive large blooms but surrounding them by cheaper more simple options so you get the boldness you desire but at cheaper price over all. Bear in mind placement; put your more pricy floral to the forefront to get the most out of them in photos as well. 

4. Use Your Surrounding

Depending on your venue and time of year looking at what your surroundings have to offer can save you time energy and money on floral and other décor supplies. Many churches decorate for huge religious holidays well in advance like Easter and Christmas. Using that to your advantage you may only need to pay for the floral your bridal team will have with them and if your reception is in the same location that is even more saving. If you have a good relationship with your venue and you let them know in advance you may even be able to talk them into decorating in a manner that fits the upcoming holiday and your wedding in one go. Along those lines having a wedding outdoors in a garden or forest where there is already an abundance of the nature and floral you are seeking.

5. Switch to Less Costly Flowers  

Mentioned previously, do your research or have a trust worthy florist. Learn about the cost effective look a likes that can fulfill the desired look of your arrangement for less. Try using Mums. They come in a variety of color options for less. They boast a lush, exotic feel that can replace numerous more expensive options. If you are looking for height in centerpieces or length in a drooping arrangements check out Gladiolus which provides length at a cheaper price. A great cost saver for green fillers includes Solidago and Lemon Leaf. Putumayo Carnations also give many color selections and are a good option for Hydrangeas and Majolica roses. Centerpieces made wild flowers and spray blossoms are a good alternative as well.

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