November 2018

November 28, 2018

We are all counting down to Christmas but 2019 is just around the corner. With a new year comes new trends and ideas to make your big-day unique while still being up-to-date and stylish.


Bridal Dresses

Let’s begin with one of the most eye catching parts of the day. The wedding dress. With 2018 full of famous weddings it should come as no surprise that high profile weddings like Prince William and Meghan Markle would leave their impression well into 2019.  Look for boat-neck gowns and off the shoulder bodices to replicate the royal wedding style.

Groomsmen Attire

Continuing with the theme of clothing is this one may be a surprise, 2019 is calling for more unique and individual groomsmen attire. Sharing the stage alongside the groom groomsmen often wear matching suits but this year just like some bridesmaids groomsmen will be stepping up their style game with mix and matched pieces with pops of colors and pattern.


Video Mapping

As technology becomes more accessible and affordable to the everyday person we are seeing technology find its way into weddings in the forms of lights, drones and livestreaming.

Video mapping will find its spot in 2019. Video mapping through the use of projection allows couples to completely transform any space using pictures and lights to project entirely new rooms all over the venue space. 


Brides will be gathering dahlias in hand in 2019. Dahlias have always been a corner stone of floral arranging with their numerous colors, size and texture they fill up more space and provide a lot to an arrangement but 2019 will take them to the next level. If you want to stay on trend with your big day consider an all Dahlia bouquet or centerpieces that carry your bouquet from hand to table with matching textures and colors. For a little something extra consider adding feathers aside your Dahlia choices for a modern look that is also on trend for 2019.



As the trend of making your entire day your day continues, the kinds of food couples are selecting for their wedding receptions are becoming more unique and personalized. Sit-down dinners will continue to be popular for more lavish and formal weddings, couples are getting more original with the food they serve than a classic buffet setting. Expect to see themed food choices and stations dispersed around the room similar to a cocktail hour. Instead of one buffet couples are opting for smaller bars like custom pizzas, tacos stands, and many more.


Invitations are the first impression that your guests have of your wedding day and as such they should be treated with the same time and effort put into every other aspect of your big day. One of the top wedding trends for next year is distinctive wedding invitations. While 2018’s invites saw an influx of watercolor and nature designs 2019 will bring with it raised foil, gold, silver, rose gold and an array of metallic shades. Other trends for invites include marble and agate designs, geometric patterns and rich marble tones.

Try out one or two of these trends if you are interested in keeping up to date with 2019 events. If you aim to bring as much style to your wedding as the year will allow remember to keep it unique and personalized to you.



November 28, 2018

While many couples are trying to keep their attendees cell phones out of their hands during their big day some are trying to keep their weddings “plugged-in”. As technology becomes more readily available for the average couple we are seeing technology more and more used to make a special day even more special.

Drone Photography

Trying to get everyone together for those great wedding shots can be near impossible during the excitement of the day. If you had some additional assistance from higher then what a photographer can reach it can make the experience much easier. Aerial photography is becoming much more popular among couples hoping to capture unique pictures and magnificent shots during their big day. If you are interested in going this route bear in mind drones do create a lot of sound and are not permitted in some areas so be sure to check in advance before jumping at this tech trend.

Bouquet Cameras

It is common to have many pictures of the bride making her way down the aisle but its far less common to have reverse shots of the attendees first looks at the bride. Bouquet cameras  bring these new photos to life. Capture all those first impressions by asking your florist to save a spot in your bridal bouquet for a small camera. Mini cameras similar to a GoPro will fit nicely hidden away to record he grand entrance. With this added technology you will e able to see your big day from your perspective a second time. 

3D Printed Cake

The 3-D printing fashion is making its way into the world of culinary. Have your baker create a modest cake that’s all you and then add astonishing 3D printed geometric shapes to add a little something extra. You can also have an amazing 3D printed cake topper design specifically for you as a couple. 

Hologram Booth

The photobooth tend is sticking around for another year but for some weddings its taking on a whole new form with advanced technology. Holograms are taking center stage when it comes to cakes, room design and more and this isn’t stopping when it comes to the entertainment of guests. Make this idea all yours by renting one of from many of the holographic technology companies across the United States. Guests can generate real holographic versions of themselves they can see in real time. This technology isn’t cheap but it is definitely worth it if entertainment is a key factor of your big day.

Virtual Wedding Planner

More and more of your wedding day is moving to the internet with online videoing, photo share and much more. Even the planning process has found its home on your mobile device. Millennials want to be able to map out their wedding plans on the go and have access to all the details and information at their hand without lugging around folders and binders of imagery. Many apps created by wedding professionals allow soon to be brides plan their wedding on the move with less hassle walking them through time lines and steps one by one up until the big day.

Technology has made its way into all parts of our lives and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future so why not have that technology work for you by making your wedding day that much better.


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