January 2019

January 22, 2019

Planning a wedding is a full time job on top of your everyday work, supporting a family, keeping an active social life and more, it is easy to see how you could become overwhelmed balancing all of it. That is how event coordinators specifically those who deal with wedding make their living. These unique individuals thrive off the stress, deadlines and challenges that come with planning a wedding and do it for a living.

Most people don’t hire planners for every day events like a dinner party, holiday gathering or birthday celebrations but weddings are the perfect event with all the small pieces to get the assistance you need to make your big day perfect. Planners come with a multitude of titles that can get a little confusing if you don’t normally seek assistance with planning events. Below is a small primer to help you navigate the new terrain of event professionals.

Venue Coordinator

A venue coordinator is often the sales member of a banquet or hotel you are working with. This professional solely works with the facility and will be there to handle some of the specifics needed to pull of your day-of. Sometimes the venue coordinator may not be the initial sales person you spoke with but is still a part of the sales team was negotiations have been made.

Venue Coordinators work with room lay out which includes chairs, tables, limited linen and food if offered by the venue. If the facility will also be catering the event these professionals will also work with the kitchen and banquet staff to assure a flawless reception. In some cases a venue coordinator may provide you a list of preferred vendors or have relationships with local event companies to offer you discounts if you work with their venue. Venue coordinators will not assist with relationships, negotiations and planning that is outside their facility. If you are planning to take on the responsibility of planning your entire wedding it can help to have a portion of your wedding or the entire event at a facility that offers a venue coordinator as it will relief you of some of the planning burden when it comes to your venue.

Wedding Planner

Probably the most varied professional on this list wedding planners provide a variety of services from start to finish and wear many hats to help you create your dream wedding. Planners take responsibility over your entire affair and will help you work with the numerous vendors you will have to meet along the way. Your planner can provide references for professionals based on past experience, review contracts, timelines, oversee set of appointments and more.

Planners usually offer three prominent services; full-service, day-of and consulting. These services and what they entail may range from planner to planner so be sure to know what each one can provide you. Full-service planners work start to finish for your wedding providing everything from timeline to day of. A day-of planner or coordinating service usually involves a few meeting prior to your wedding day to tie up any loose ends and helps to make sure your day goes smoothly so you don’t have to. Consulting services provided by planners range dramatically from simple timeline assistance to vendors recommendations so if this is the rout you choose be sure to know what you’re getting into.


Wedding Designer

The least common of the three wedding professionals you may work with. Think of designers as the visual artists of your event, these professionals work hand in hand with florists, audio/visual companies, event rentals and more to create lavish professionally designed world that reflect the image you see in your mind when imaging your wedding day.

While wedding coordinators help design your ceremony and reception wedding designers build their career solely around the visual portion of your event. Designers will not help with negotiations, attending appointments outside of what makes the visual appearance of the wedding. The skill to produce an atmosphere is a powerful and uncommon talent that takes not only a specific eye but also a very close relationship with those who provide the many supplies to create this atmosphere. If you feel you have the timeline and negotiations handled but don’t feel you have a strong eye for aesthetics a designer may be the professional you would like to team up with.

Remember the title each of these professionals carry is as variable as the professionals themselves so be sure to always have a one-on-one chat with each potential planner or designer see learn what it is they specifically offer you as a client.

January 22, 2019

Instead of spending you entire wedding day worrying, try to plan for the worst. It’s not the best to be a downer but if you consider the challenges in advance and prepare they won’t be challenges at all. While a wedding planner can help big time when it comes to these wedding day worries there are a few precautionary hacks you can learn to aid yourself when it comes to having a worry free day.

1.  Veil Weights. If you are determined to have your big day outside plan on picking up some veil weights. These often not mentioned bridal dress accessories will be your best friend. Wind and weather will put a big damper on your day or even photos so be sure to plan accordingly!

 2.  Cheap Glassware. Your floral is usually eye-catching while a vase is often no more than a container so why spent a fortune on glassware. Try piking up your vases, jars and other containers at a dollar store or second hand store. Bringing your chosen vases to your florist can save massive amounts on your floral budget.

3.  Saving on Sound. Venue sound systems may not always be the best and in some cases don’t exist at all so having a professional is always a good idea. However to save on costs opt for using the sound system if provided connected to a music device during your ceremony or cocktail hour when the music is merely background. Save your money for the reception when music plays a more vital role.

4.  Address Stamps. It can take forever sitting and writing out your address on more than a hundred invitations. Make the investment in an address stamp to save your time and sanity when writing out your envelopes. Be sure if you go this route to purchase your stamper well enough in advance so you have it when you need it! 

5.  Change Your Day of. If you are looking to save on your venue be more open about your day of the week. A Friday or Sunday wedding can come out much cheaper than a Saturday affair. While you should care about those who can make your wedding, don’t worry so much about guests when it comes to your chosen day. Those who really want to be there will make it.

6.  Hand Canceling. You spend a lot of money on invitations and it’s a shame when they get bent or creased in the mail. Ask your local post office if they can “hand cancel” your invites. Instead of going through a machine, each invite is marked and sorted by hand helping protect those all-important invitations.

7.  Perfume Repellent. If you are worried about bugs at your wedding due to the ceremony being outdoors opt for a more subtle fragrance as strong perfumes can attract insects. If you want to go the extra step find a perfume that acts as an insect repellent. They are not always the easiest to find but they do exist!

8.  Stretching Shoes. If your shoes are a little snug you can try stretching them with ice to provide slightly more room so your shoes aren’t fighting you when the big day comes. Fill Ziplock baggies with water and put them in each shoe. Put the shoes in the freezer and as the water solidifies and expands it will also expand the shoes. 

9.  Page Marking Seats. Many brides say the seating chart can be one of the hardest parts of arranging their wedding due to family drama and relatives needs and requests. To save yourself time and energy use sticky notes and page markers to arrange your seating chart so you don’t have to reprint and rewrite with every redo.

10.  New Shoe Sandpaper. If you are investing in new shoes for your day of make remember the bottoms are far more slippery when new. To combat this use sandpaper to rough of the soles. Creating texture will help the shoes grip better and reduce slippage.




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