By James Novotny

Just like your dress takes center stage at your ceremony, your wedding cake will be a huge focal point at your reception. It is also one of the most interactive pieces at your wedding celebration as guests will be receiving a slice at some point during your event. While taste is top priority looks helps give that focal point a little something extra. Self-expression is dominating more contemporary weddings and cakes are no exception.


This beautifully elegant look is attained by blending together two hues of fondant until a unique colored twist is created and placed on the cake. While many choose gray and white to replicated real marble some go with bold colors against silver or gold geometrics to create and sophisticated 1920’s feel dessert. Another collection of color many couples are choosing to go with include lavender, violet and other shades of purples in honor of this year’s color of the year; Ultra Violet chosen by Pantone. These artistic marvels in marble make great alternatives for classic, artistic and contemporary style weddings.


Drips, splatters and imitation, oh my! Many industries in 2018 are being overwhelmed by the sudden interest in the arts which is both beautiful as it is eclectic. Using dripping textures and splattering effects with bold colors offers rides and grooms plenty of options for contemporary artistic expression. Those who prefer something less modern and “messy” can opt for beautifully hand painted imagery on the sides of fondant that could rival any museum gallery. Replication of classic paintings life Van Gogh’s Starry Night and many of Monet’s impressionist paintings are adding a whimsical and elegant touch to this year’s dessert table. These cakes can match any wedding style depending on the art style chosen but they work best with couples who love the arts and add a special touch to classic museum venues.


Photo by Paul Douda for Flour Power Cakery

There is just something about crystals, gems and anything shining that catching the eye and we become fascinated with it so it is no surprise that this faux crystal would find its way into wedding cakes as well. The trend started with Rachel Teufel whose amethyst inspired cake went viral and took the cake industry by storm. While most of these cakes are simple having the bold crystals take center stage some clients have opted to combine this trend with the previous marbled cake with a touch of gold-leaf. Due to the extra shimmer and shine these cakes are a perfect match to classic weddings with a little touch of something extra, Hollywood glamour affairs and over the top lux style weddings.


The “naked” cake trend had a staggering start as a wedding trend in 2013 but five years later it’s holding its own against its fondant and buttercream sibling. Naked cakes are usually cakes free of icing and can be topped with free fallen powdered sugar, sweet fruit or real edible flowers. If icing is offered it is usually placed between layers, not on the exterior of the cake. This cake style goes really well with rustic, vintage and boho style weddings due to its quirky yet sophisticated. This trend can also save you money due to the lower icing cost and due to the lack of a barrier requires bakers to make the cake closer to the day off providing you a fresher cake at a lower cost.


We can possibly blame the deconstructed wedding cake fad for this hot new trend in weddings. While deconstructed cakes called with individual tiers of the cake to be separated into their respective section on the desert table rather then stacked high offered one layer alternative deserts. Glamorous pies, frosted cheesecakes, glammed out tarts and even miniature versions of beloved cakes are replacing the traditional multitiered wedding cakes. This option can also be great for weddings where guest’s allergies and dietary restrictions are put into consideration. Diabetic friendly options, glutton free and vegan deserts can all be offered without fear of cross contamination that would occur on traditional wedding cake. Depending on displays and icing techniques this trend can find a home in a multitude of different weddings.

This next trend of wedding cakes or ‘not cake’ is all about self-identification, using art, design, nature and more to personalize everyone’s wedding experience into something unique and unforgettable. What wedding cake trend describes you?