Cocktail Claw

The Cocktail Claw is your unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage your guests in the funniest way possible… A Claw Machine! As kids we ALL loved playing the Claw, now it’s time to bring adult fun to our favorite game growing up.

The Cocktail Claw team delivers the machine and is monitored at all times by the Cocktail Claw’s experienced team. The machine rental is two hours. Be the 1st of your friends to have the Cocktail Claw at your next event!!

How does the Cocktail Claw work?

The Cocktail Claw combines the best memories as a kid to the ‘adult’ world we all try to live and conquer! It’s simple. Choose a package that best fits your needs and the Cocktail Claw team will pre-fill the Claw Machine with your favorite products. The claw is engineered to pick up and grab your favorite party favors in small, fun party bags that can be emblazoned with your events name!