Cookie Momster House

About Us
Hi! We are the Megans behind Cookie Momster House. Megan S is our Dough Momma, she is the baker extraordinaire. Megan H is Cookie Momster, the creator and decorator.

How did Cookie Momster come to be? First and foremost we are mothers, our families are very important to us and this is where the momster comes from. Sure, we roar and chase and tickle too, it’s part of the momster code. Between our two families we currently have 8 children.

Baking specialty cakes and cookies has been some version of a hobby or business for us for years. So, why Cookie Momster and not Cake Momster or Bake Momster? A, it sounds better and B, creating a cookie that is both yummy and a work of art is the sweet treat that brings us the most joy.