Purely Sweet Bakery


3375 Dayton Xenia Rd, Dayton, OH 45432


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Purely Sweet Bakery
Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto, and Paleo Baked Goods
Purely Sweet Bakery was born from a vision of helping others.

Purely Sweet Bakery was born out of a passion of bringing healthy, all natural (many organic) whole food options to help others navigate food intolerances without feeling deprived because of a special diet and to do so in the safest way. I’ve been surrounded by talented bakers my whole life, and because of an auto-immune illness that left me sensitive to so many foods, I needed to turn my once wheat and dairy laden diet into creating treats that tasted much like Great Grandma Helen’s pies (hers were perfection!) or Grandma Ethel’s desserts and candies (a true artist!) and Great Grandma Robinson’s breads and baked goods ( never had the privilege of meeting her, but told she should have had a bakery of her own because she was a talented baker and fed many in her community). The baking passion runs deep in my family! We successfully have been providing safe products to the marketplace since 2013, both through retail (brick and mortar, public markets, food truck) and through wholesale (coffee shops, health food shops, and gourmet grocery stores (see Our Locations section). It’s also been important that our products contain only exceptional products, using many organic and whole foods in our recipes. I think it sets us apart from other bakeries, but it shows in our flavor profiles in our baked goods. We are unapologetically proud of our choice to use only the best, even if our price point is more than our competitors. We only want the best experience from the first look at our products to the very last bite of our treats!