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Sandra Waits is a healer that is certified as a Healing Touch (HT) Practitioner Apprentice who uses color, sound, and, essential oils to enhance the effectiveness of HT therapy. Although Sandra is a highly skilled business professional, proficient in oral and written communication, management, sales/marketing, and training staff within corporate environments; in 2010 she found herself driven to study alternative healing methods. As a result, she enrolled at Union Institute and University (“UI&U”) to study non-conventional healing modalities from an academic perspective.

During this undergraduate coursework, an in-depth study the study of the anatomy and natural healing remedies were explored such as herbalism, reiki, homeopathy, color, sound, and the Bach Flower Remedies, to name a few. Upon successful completion of this curriculum, Sandra earned a Bachelor of Arts in Holistic Studies in December of 2012 and continued her education to earn a Master of Arts in Health and Wellness in October of 2015. For the duration of her scholastic career, Sandra volunteered with non-profit organizations to administer healing touch therapy to college students and a population of underprivileged people in local food pantries. She continues to serve in this capacity today.

In the latter months of 2016, she enrolled in Integrative Wellness Academy (IWA) and was quite intrigued with the unique coaching approach being taught, known as MEPS (mind, emotions, physical and spiritual). This coaching model focuses on the balance of the whole person, as did her former studies at UI&U. IWA granted her certificate as an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach on April 12, 2017.

Most recently Sandra trained on the Cryo-Slimming and Toning Techniques, for the body and face, under the direction of Artemis Manufacturing in New York City. This technical training was successfully completed on November 18, 2018.

Tiffani Ray
Business Manager
Tiffani Ray is a small business owner with a business degree from the College of Mt. St Joseph. She is a certified Zumba and Strong by Zumba instructor with a group fitness certification. “Weight has always been a struggle for me. Over the past 5 years I have worked hard to attain a healthy weight by dieting and exercise. The struggle is real but we have a real solution to help eliminate those unwanted bulges and inches. CRYO SLIM less fat more you.