Ohio Wedding Shows

About Us

My name is Tracy Claiborne and I started producing Wedding Expos in 2001. Prior to producing Wedding Expos, I worked with my Father for 10 years producing “Career Expos” across the United States and in Canada.  I worked in all aspects of the production of the Expos:  Administration, Billing, Marketing, Sales to Lead Sales Manager for the Midwest Office.

After starting a family I decided I wanted to do something on my own and something I could do from home.  I loved to bake so I started making Wedding Cakes.  After searching for Bridal Expos to attend for my cake business I realized there was a need for quality Wedding Expos where I was located in Dayton, OH.  With the knowledge and experience I had from producing “Career Expos” I knew I could produce a Wedding Expo.  With the help of my husband, David Claiborne, together we started with a small event at the Marriott in Dayton.

Soon after we decided to research other markets close by to see if there was a need for quality Wedding Expos.  My sister, Kim Westerkamp joined us to help with expansion and she is the Senior Sales Account Executive at Claiborne Productions.  Kim also worked with our father in Sales for 5 years.  Today we produce 10 Wedding Expos, 4 in Dayton, OH, 4 in Columbus, OH  and 2-3 in Cincinnati, OH.

Producing Quality Wedding Expos is our Passion!!  One of our main goals is to make sure our Wedding Expos are producing quality leads for the many Wedding Professionals that attend with us each year.  It is one thing to produce an event but another thing to make sure the event is providing those who are purchasing booths with quality leads for their business that result in sales for them.

We strive to be honest about our results and to provide the Wedding Professionals with data and information that is true to what our events produce.  There are many Wedding Expos and Shows in every market but not every one is producing quality events with quality leads.

A history of producing events + marketing to the target market combined with a staff that cares about the results our Wedding Professionals are getting is what keeps us continuing to be able to produce Expos each year.

Our Wedding Expos continue to grow and many of the Wedding Professionals that started with us when we started are still attending the Expos with us today.  This must mean they are still getting good results!