by James Novotny

There is a reason there are numerous shows featuring the single act of choosing the right dress. Combining trends, personal tastes, pricing and what looks good on you when it comes to your wedding dress can be the biggest challenge of your wedding experience and one of the activities that usually takes the longest. To make your experience a little easier today we will be going over a handful of dress shapes that will suite your body type and hopefully help you narrow down the search for that perfect dress.


The body type with the most curve is usually the most obvious to notice. Someone with this body type has a smaller waist with wider hips and bust creating that long idolized “perfect figure”. The main idea behind choosing any dress for the hourglass shape is to find a cinched center that shows off your thin waist.

If you have this body shape aim for a body fitting mermaid gown or fit-and-flared designs that will really show off your silhouette.
While this body shape can pull off many variations of dress silhouettes try to avoid an overabundance of ruffles and tiers as these will reshape your silhouette which is unnecessary.

Pear Shape

A pear shaped body is defined by hips larger than the waist or bust of one’s body. To flatter this shape try an A-line gown as it conceals fuller hips and draws your attention upward towards the bodice and face. Also opting with a dress with lace, bedazzled and detailed bodices gives more detail to the upper body which creates the illusion of a more proportioned figure.

Flowing gowns are great with this body type as well. With wider hips the fabric isn’t as gathered as it can be on smaller frames and allows the tulle or silk to drape better and gives the fabric more room to move creating that wafting effect while walking.

Things to avoid with this body type are any dresses with a fitted bodice with a full skirt as this will only widen your hips and lower body.


An apple shape is characterized by someone who is wider in the midsection. For this body type try corseted bodices, not to slim your body but to create a more defined shape. Many women gravitate towards A-line dresses to cover themselves up. While this style is universal and does work try opting for more form and shape.

Fitted does not mean tight and having a fitted waist on an apple body can be just as glamorous as a thin body. The apple shape is definitely something to play around with because depending on where your weight falls you can change the style of dress. Never cut yourself short by saying because of your size you can’t do this or that, try it anyway!

If fitted is not your thing try to avoid it. While dressing your shape is important feeling confident is far more important whether on your day-of or every day. Also pay attention to full ball gowns. While some styles can help your shape others may hinder your silquette depending where the waist falls on your body.

Inverted Triangle

An inverted silquette is a shape with wider upper body and shoulders with a smaller waist and hips. Those with more of an inverted shape seem to feel they struggle the most finding dresses that accentuate their body. The key to this type is to pay attention to necklines. Off-the-shoulder or bateau necklines help draw the across the upper chest to help balance out the fuller bust or wider shoulders.

Try to find dress styles with built in corsetry for added support if you are buster. If your shape comes more from your shoulders try a natural or empire waist gown to the eye to your face or the length of the gown, focusing less on your shoulders.

Avoid trying to hide your body. Some woman feel they need to conceal their upper body if they are bustier or have wider shoulders but trying to do this often fails so work with what you have not against it. Stay away from fit-and-flared looks if and ball gowns if you are bustier.


The rectangle body is defined by slim shoulders, chest, waist and hips with little to no curve. The key to helping this body shape look its best is to add curves. Focus on gowns with fuller sleeves and shoulder detailing. Also go with A-lines and ballgowns to add more hip area. When combined fuller skirts are combined with more dramatic shoulders this look creates a thinner waistline. Sheath dresses are also a good option if you aren’t into reshaping your body with ruffles and tulle. Sheaths are more dramatic dresses that focus a lot less on curves.

This is another body type where necklines can play a drastic role. If you choose a halter top it can help lift creating cleavage and shape. Also opting for key-hole, scoop and sweat heart shapes with this rounded edges helps create the illusion of curve. Try to stay away from sheaths and empire waist gowns as they focus on curves. If someone with a more rectangular body wears these garments there will be gaps where there shouldn’t be and forced curves unrealistic to their natural body.

A-line dresses are probably the most universally flattering looks. The style focuses on a natural waist and draws the eye to the bodice by having a more simplified skirt. All of these options are merely ideas to help you focus your search. Just like with the apple body type don’t cut yourself short and not try something because it doesn’t go by some rule you read about online. Try it anyway, everyone’s body is different and you may be surprised by how a certain silhouette looks on you. Confidence is more universally flattering then an A-line could ever hope to be.

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