During a wedding show, vendors meet many different clients and have many different conversations about their specialty. Well, the product, booth set up, and even colors displayed all play a factor in those conversations, the communication is paramount. There is a big difference between an exhibitor who has a product to show and an educator that passes along knowledge to the client. Below are a few examples in each category as you ask yourself are you an exhibitor or an educator?


  • Role: An educator is someone who is primarily focused on teaching and facilitating the learning process.
  • Objective: The main goal of an educator is to impart knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and promote learning in their students.
  • Methods: Educators use various teaching methods, such as lectures, discussions, hands-on activities, assessments, and other instructional strategies to help students grasp and apply concepts.
  • Audience: Educators typically work in formal educational settings such as schools, colleges, universities, or training institutions.


  • Role: An exhibitor, on the other hand, is someone who presents or showcases something, often as part of an exhibition, trade show, or event.
  • Objective: The primary goal of an exhibitor is to display products, services, innovations, or information to an audience. The focus is on presentation, demonstration, and promotion rather than direct teaching.
  • Methods: Exhibitors use visual aids, demonstrations, samples, and interactive displays to engage and attract the attention of visitors. The emphasis is on showcasing features and benefits rather than instructing in a formal educational sense.
  • Audience: Exhibitors typically engage with a diverse audience, which may include potential customers, industry professionals, or the general public, depending on the context of the exhibition.

In summary, while both educators and exhibitors aim to share information, the key distinction lies in their primary objectives and methods. Educators are focused on formal teaching and learning processes in educational institutions, while exhibitors are focused on presenting and promoting products, services, or information in a more public and interactive setting.