So you’re considering attending a Wedding Show but are on the fence? You may be asking yourself the following questions. What benefits will I receive from attending? Is it really necessary to go? Should I be experiencing FOMO?

These are great questions to be addressing, and I’m happy to provide some insight on what benefits you can expect from a wedding show. There are many great reasons to attend, so let’s go through them!


One of the biggest benefits to attending a wedding expo is the opportunity to meet a variety of vendors, all in one place. This helps take the stress off of you when it comes to researching each vendor individually. Our expos showcase the styles of many different vendors allowing you to find one that fits your personality and wedding desires. Booking consultations with a company that you’ve already built a relationship with can save you priceless time. For example, say you’re looking for your wedding cake and you’ve done your research online to discover what kind of cake you want. You take the next step and book a consultation and tasting with that company, then come to find out you just don’t mesh with that vendor’s personality. By attending our show, you could meet with several bakeries to taste samples and see their displays first hand while having the opportunity to discuss your vision with each one. By doing this you have prescreened your vendors before taking that next step. Makes sense, right?


This ties into another benefit of attending, VISUALS! While doing your research and shopping online is great, it does have some negatives that can be prevented by shopping in person. Just like with seeing and tasting the cake; you get to sample catering offerings, see dresses and formalwear, view floral arrangements, see DJ equipment and even try out photo booths with your wedding squad! This allows you to get real opinions from those who mean the most to you. Attending in person is great because as you know, things aren’t always what they seem. I think we have all ordered something online, then once it arrived, had to go back and check the item details to make sure we even received the correct item.

You DON’T want that experience with your dress!  I’m guilty of shopping online to find the best deal, and even looking for discount codes to make those deals even better. Many vendors offer awesome wedding show discounts and swag bags that wouldn’t typically be available elsewhere, these savings alone make it worth the price of admission. In addition, our runway shows showcase a variety of gowns and formalwear. This allows you to witness how the dresses look on real people while even seeing the way they flow while being worn.


Education is another great reason to attend. Talking with the professionals in person allows you to get fresh industry tips and tricks that can often be overlooked.You could be learning about how your centerpieces can pair with different table settings, or how a choreographed dance can make your first dance one that no one will ever forget. Some of the information available may help you discover options that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. For example we offer breakout educational presentations on anything from DIY floral arrangements to tips for planning your honeymoon. These experiences will help you get your creativity rolling and expand the vision of your dreamy day. Weddings are often looked at as the biggest moment of your life, so take advantage of attending and use our tools to educate yourself on how to make your wedding the biggest and BEST day of your life. 


While there are many more reasons, my final reason in this segment for attending wedding shows is for the MEMORIES that you will create with your loved ones. I say this because I witnessed it first hand with my wife. She still has photostrips taped to her computer from over six years ago with our mothers and her bride tribe. See what I mean! 🙂🙂🙂