By James Novotny

Each couple has their own unique ideas for their wedding photography and all professional wedding photographers know what the wedding “must haves” are. Still when meeting with your photographer it is essential to go over what your needs are when it comes to the photographs you want taken. The following is a small list of the key parts of your wedding and reception that should discussed and captured.

The Rings

The moment you announced your engagement everyone wants to see the ring and every soon to be bride has mastered the art of flashing that rock for all to see in less then subtle ways so make sure you grab a few shots of the symbol of your bonds.

The Flowers

If you don’t opt for preservation of your bouquets they won’t keep their crisp appearance with beautiful hues and smells forever. While you may not be able to bottle that particular fragrance you can at least get a few pictures of your flowers before they begin to wilt.

The Venues Before

These photos can be a challenge as it requires your photographer to be in multiple places. While the photographer may be able to take photographs of the ceremony location, taking shots of the reception hall will be harder since they will be with you and won’t have time to capture the reception hall before the guests begin interacting with it. If pictures of the hall, unaltered is what you want discuss this with your photographer as they may have to call in back up who can cover those photos.

The Vows

Probably the most important part of the wedding, the vows made to each other. In those few moments the word disappears around you as you promise yourself to your partner. Getting good photos of this moment is paramount. If you see nothing else make sure you know your photographer can capture the raw energy of this singular moment. And don’t forget the kiss!

The Group Shots

The photos taken between the ceremony and the reception are usually the most staged. At this point your entire wedding party will be taken aside in full formal attire for photos. If all goes right, children behaving, no sweating and agreeable weather conditions the photos should be done fairly quickly so you can meet your guests as newlyweds.

The Venues During

The reception hall in particular will take on a whole new life when the party begins which is why it’s important to get before shots. During the reception family and friends will flood the facility and bringing the day into full motion. Pictures of the food, the dancing and of course the cake are vitally important.

The First Dance

There used to be a time when a couple’s first dance was in fact their first dance since unmarried woman and men wouldn’t dare touch in polite society. That time has gone so the first dance is rarely the first dance but still it holds a major significance in the bringing together of a couple because what is marriage but a lifelong dance.

There are many tips out there on budget and how to save money when it comes to your wedding but photography is rarely the place you want to skimp. When the flowers have died, the cake is gone and the clothes have been returned photos and videos are the helpful reminders of one glorious day for the rest of your life.