Finding the right dress can be exciting as it is horrifying these same feelings apply to men who are not use to wearing any sort of suiting. Depending on the formality of your affair and the overall theme you want to present helping your soon to be groom with what it is he needs to wear can be a great asset to pulling off the image you want. Remember everyone will be looking at your fiance standing at the altar long before you make your grand entrance so his attire is just as important to consider as it will set the tone.

A Formal Affair

The first thing to consider when deciding on suiting is the formality of the event. Are you aiming for black tie or casual, a beach or ballroom setting? All of these ideas go along with your theme and the venue you chose. As you guessed the formality of your big day come with certain standards when it comes to attire.

  • Casual: A more casual wedding effects men’s style by placing the representation of the event in clothing to the background. This allows for the most creativity in expression. This of everyday business wear. A jacket, button down shirt possibly in a linen fabric with a pair of pants that does not need to necessarily match. If you choose a jacket a more fine texture you might want to opt for a subtle patterned button down for an added visual effect.
  • Semi-formal: This setting is a little more tricky. You want to allude to capability, authority and style. A tie can be optional here depending on the direction you want to take your ‘semi-formal’. Black is not a necessity here if you want to opt for a bold gray or navy suit, fitted of course. The color choice for your button down shouldn’t be to bold. Opt for a neutral and a fine pattern if you choose. This standard is also a good time to whip out a 3-piece wedding suit
  • Formal: This attire is something everyone is familiar with because it is the one most commonly used. The higher end of a formal affair is a full on tux while some can get away with a black suit. A tuxedo is usually pretty easy as there is a set standard scross the board that any professional can guide you to but if you choose a black suit you have a little wiggle room. Try something with peaked lapels for a more formal look. Fit is the most important thing.

Fit Matters

Regardless of theme fit is amazing thing that can make any attire look great. Sloppy or baggy clothes brings down the formality and appearance of any event if you chose a more casual event. When it comes to such a big day like a wedding it’s best to consult an expert seamstress to make sure tailoring so the best it can be. This tip can often frighten men with a heavier set build because they think ‘fit’ mean tight but this isn’t true. A tailored style should never be tight. Tailored or fitted means the outfit follows closer to the shape of your natural body instead of a “one size fits most” off the rack effect.

Pay a Little Extra for Accessories

Every couple has a budget to stick to and the fashion portion of your wedding day is no exception. While it is great to buy all new attire there are some cases where this just isn’t a possibility so whether you are pulling something from your wardrobe that you already own, renting your attire or going second-hand accessories will be your best friend to individualize or change a suit everyone has seen a million times into something more. A great watch, socks, cufflinks and of course boutonniere can elevate your wedding day attire and individualize your look, just make sure your choices coincide with your theme.

Gallant Groomsmen

While everyone should look their best it’s the job of the groomsmen to make the leading man look great. There is a back and forth as to whether all the grooms men should match and in some cases whether they should match the groom. The point of coordination is to match but not be an exact copy while accentuating the main man. The best way this can be achieved is by accenting a certain color in the groom’s suit whether it be a tie, a pocket square or some other creative accessory. To retain individual identity accessorizing comes into play but don’t outshine the main man!

The Devil’s in the Details

When you begin suit shopping keep a few of these suiting details in mind. If you remember the names given to individual items and the pieces it will be much easier to ask questions and make requests of sales associates or tailors when the time comes.

  • Suit jackets come in single or double Breasted Suit Jackets.
  • Buttons come in one, two or three buttons. The classic choice is two buttons.
  • Jacket shoulders come in soft, roped and structured. Remember: If the shoulders don’t fit the jacket cannot be altered to fit you.
  • Labels come in notch, peak or shawl. Lapels should always be a reflection of the jacket’s proportions. A widespread lapel on a jacket better suits a wider framed man.
  • Ventless, single or double vented. This is more for appearance and personal preference.