Are you looking to add a unique twist to your wedding design? Try opting out when it comes to floral as centerpieces and going down a path that is more uniquely you. This idea can be cost effective in some cases while also giving you the chance to have ever-lasting reusable or resalable materials at the end of your event.


Vividly saturated hues in fruit can provide you a hold statement of color with many choices. Try tossing your assortment in varnished bins for a more rustic look or placing them underneath floating candles in vases with a slightly more elegant affair. This type of centerpiece can also offer guests a fresh treat at the end of the evening.


They say candle light is the best light and what would a wedding be without them? Even floral arrangements usually have some sort of small tealight candles in the area. If you are not choosing floral then go over the top with your candles, the more the better. Tables clustered with pillared candles creates an almost whimsical look. You can also sneak some living flowers below floating candles without making them the focal point.


Themed weddings can provide you an endless array of options especially when it comes to a seaside nautical vibe. Small sailboats, drift wood, coral, conch shells, sea glass and palm leaves all set a mood by bringing your guests into the scenes you are crating. Be sure however if you source these material yourself that you are being legally and environmentally conscious.


Similar to the candle approach, dramatic but lights creates an almost aerial appearance to your reception. Whether you choose to string lights up plants, in jars our within tapered vases this look is twofold in helping you with design and lighting your venue. For an added touch add glass and mirrors to make the lights multiply!


Who knew how to party like the flappers? Take a note from their style and go big with feathers. Ostrich feathers lining a tapered vase creates a very glamourous look and is an easy go to if you want to replicate a full 1920’s theme for your reception. If huge feathers are not your taste try smaller but thicker feathers in a lower level bird cage or face to keep the feathers controlled but still just as beautiful.


If you are aiming for a more ornate old-world feel stacks of vintage love books make great centerpieces. Mix these books with found antiques like small table clocks, keys and tarnished relics to complete the look. If you want a more elegant look try to find all items in monochromatic hues or paint them yourself.

Paper Flowers

You may not be going with the real deal but that doesn’t mean you can’t try a creative alternative. If you are good with paper crafting try making some fun floral centerpieces. If you choose this path make sure you provide yourself enough time to make all the flowers you need. This is also a perfect opportunity to bond with close family and friends by catering a crafting day every few weeks.


Nothing creates a conversation starter like living centerpieces. This can be a pricier path, can be controversial and requires a lot of maintenance as it is vitally important that you care for the animals you use. Small animals like goldfish and butterflies work best for tables but care is still just as important. The work doesn’t stop there. It is important that you have a trusted guests and a plan on how the animals will receive cruelty free treatment post wedding.


I’m sure everyone has seen the overwhelming balloons that clustered over a table outside in the pages of The Knot magazine. This is a fun thing to replicate with round balloons and streamers. If the overabundance isn’t your thing try singular larger balloons above each table. Attach the table number to the balloons string for an added touch. If you want to carry any of these themes between the reception and wedding try making a few more subdued pieces for your wedding location so guests get a slight sneak peek at what’s to come. Remember just because you don’t choose floral for your table arrangements doesn’t mean you have to remove them all together. There still is nothing like a classic and elegant bouquet to complete a wedding look.