While Bridal Shows are fun, they can be hectic if you are not prepared. In a previous post we talked about the steps you can take to be prepared for what can turn into a day long experience full of meet and greets. But what about the getting to know your vendors? If you have predetermined questions to ask wedding professionals, you will be meeting during the bridal show and consultations to follow it will aid you in getting the most out of your experience and help in finding the professionals that are right for you.


This is step one when planning your big day and, in many cases, may be already decided upon before hitting a Bridal Show. If you still haven’t found a venue here are ten questions to ask the facility coordinator.

  • What is the rental fee and what all is included in the price?
  • Is there space for changing areas?
  • What is your back up if weather does not permit?
  • Does your facility have liability insurance?
  • Can I hire an outside caterer and if so is there kitchen facilities?
  • Are basic items like tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware, and glassware provided?
  • Can we bring our own alcohol and is there a corkage fee?
  • Do you have preferred vendor list?
  • Do you have a built-in sound system?
  • Is your facility handicap accessible?


Your food options can take so many forms and finding a caterer that can meet your demands is essential. If your venue also offers food these questions will apply to them as well.

  • Which type of service styles do you offer?
  • Do you have fixed menus, or can I request unoffered items?
  • Do you offer health alternatives such as gluten-free, vegan and dairy?
  • Does your business provide alcohol and drink service?
  • Do you provide rentals and is it an additional charge?
  • Is there additional fees for set-up and tear-down?
  • If we choose a buffet style what is done with left-over food?
  • Have you ever handled events at our venue previously?
  • Will I need any permits for my event for offering food? If so, will you handle obtaining them?
  • Can you source organic or sustainably farmed ingredients?


This can be one of the most creative and beautiful parts of your reception. If your caterer does not offer wedding cake services its time to find the perfect cake provider for you.

  • What are your options as far as flavor, icing and fillings?
  • Do you work with fondant, buttercream or other alternatives?
  • Can you do detail work such as sugar flowers, lace and artesian design?
  • Does the price of the wedding cake include the top tier?
  • Do you offer anniversary services?
  • Do you deliver and what is the process?
  • Is the baker licensed by the state or self-taught?
  • Do you have pre-selected cake designs or can we request styles?
  • How will the cake be displayed at the event? Do you provide cake stands?
  • Do you have a minimum cost?


One of the most important parts of your day. Photographers will be capturing every moment of your day that you can enjoy for years to come so making sure you find a professional who reflect you desires, and goals is essential.

  • How would you describe your style of photography and can I see examples?
  • Have you ever photographed a wedding at my venue before?
  • Will you be the only one at the wedding or will you have a team?
  • Do you offer videography services?
  • What is your back up plan in case you cannot make the event?
  • What do your packages include?
  • How along after the wedding will I receive the proofs?
  • What shots do your clients usually requests?
  • Are pre-wedding events included like engagement photos or rehearsal dinner?
  • Do you offer services and are those included or an additional charge?


Your flowers can come in many different styles and price points based on personal interest and what’s available according to season. It’s important to get to know your florist especially if you have flowers in multiple locations during the day.

  • How many weddings will you be providing flowers for the same weekend as your event?
  • Do you have resourced to get flowers I may want out of season?
  • Can they provide organic or pesticide-free flowers options?
  • Do you provide set up services and is this an additional fee?
  • Does your company help transferring floral from ceremony to reception?
  • Do they provide other d cor other than flowers?
  • Will you be available to help pin the boutonnieres on the groom and groomsmen?
  • Will a tossing bouquet be provided, or is there an extra fee?
  • When will you need the final numbers of people in your wedding party?
  • What is the total cost and what is required for a deposit?

These are just a handful of the vendors and questions you may have for your wedding day. As you meet be sure to jot down some notes. This will help you decide which vendors to go further with and make you more prepared when it comes to potential consultations. Be a proactive bride and make your bridal show experience and wedding great.