Some people don’t have much experience with flowers outside of valentine’s day and unfortunately funerals, so it makes sense that everyone’s knowledge isn’t the same. However, knowledge is key when it comes to making smart decisions and saving money when it comes to your wedding. The sort of flowers you choose according to the time of year can really affect your overall budget. As for colors that is always up to the couple’s preference. Though, there are some classic rules that still hold up today when it comes to picking the best colors for your wedding based on flowers.

If you are expecting a winter wonderland wedding you want to aim for a flower that is sturdier, calla lilies, daffodils and stephanotis are just a few. If your idea for your wedding is a spring fling aim for softer budding flowers similar to gerbera daisies, tulips and lily of the valleys. If a sizzling summer soiree is more your taste, you’ll need flowers that are strong enough to hold up against the summer heat; gardenias, lilies and poppies are a perfect choice. Maybe you are aiming for autumn. If that is the plan richly colored flowers including dahlias, hydrangeas and orchids will be the perfect touch to your big day.

And of course, there is the tried and true classic, the rose, which is available in a variety of colors both real and died that can match any palate and look good year-round.

Winter weddings look their best with deep and rich colors like navy, royal blue, maroon, apple red and emerald. If you add in a few pastel hues like white, light blue and soft pinks this will not only help reflect the sinter season but also help create a well-rounded color combination.
Spring is perfect for weddings especially when it comes to color. Flowers this time of year are usually softer in appearance and offer a variety of color options. Opt for pale yellow, lime green and sky blue for a delicate touch for the season. If it is getting towards the end of spring throw in a bright color for a small taste of summer.

Summer hues can seem like a free for all and very overwhelming. Sometimes it can be hard to work with colors that are so bold. If this is a look you want to go for try picking a color or two and adding in a pale color in both warm and cool tones to create a more grounded look. Turquoise, dove grey and coral hues are perfect for this time of year.

Autumn like winter call for richer hues alongside muted tones. Acting as a transition season Autumn also takes hot summer colors like oranges and yellows. Mixing these bold colors alongside autumn classics like muted pink, mauve, gold, and copper are a sure fire hit.

Color choices and flowers can be some of the most fun and unique parts of the wedding planning so don’t overwhelm yourself with the idea of perfection. Be true to your tastes and add in a little bit of modern trends and classic traditions for a look that is uniquely yours.