Mary Kay by Pam Ring


Enriching the lives of woman and their families around the world.

An iconic brand isn’t built in a day. For more than 50 years, Mary Kay Inc. has empowered women while changing the world of business.

We never compromise when it comes to the quality and safety of our products. We make product decisions based on scientific fact, not opinion. We push the boundaries of innovation to consistently surprise and delight you. We always put you first.

WE SCREEN We carefully screen every ingredient. If we can’t verify its safety, we won’t use it.

WE TEST To ensure product safety, quality and performance, we spend millions of dollars and conduct hundreds of thousands of tests every year, including clinical studies with independent dermatologists, ophthalmologists and other medical experts.

WE INVESTIGATE We actively investigate and monitor issues related to product safety and take action based on scientific fact.

WE PROHIBIT We go above and beyond the more than 1,300 ingredients banned worldwide to meet our high standards of product safety.

When it comes to product safety, we always put you first.